Weekly Musings: The First 52

Scott Nesbitt
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Write an essay a week and share it by email with a small group of people every Wednesday. To do that, you have to be brave or masochistic or have a healthy ego. Or a combination of the above.

That's what I decided to do in late 2018. The goal was to have a vessel into which I could pour thoughts and ideas, which I could then share with others. Thoughts and ideas that might only be half formed, but which shared what had caught my interest in the last seven days. I wanted to be able to think aloud and, maybe, get my readers to think about these topics as well.

I could have put those essays into a blog, but I decided take another shot at publishing a weekly email letter. That way, the thoughts and ideas I was putting on screen each week would reach a dedicated, attentive, and engaged audience.

That's how Weekly Musings came about. In January, 2020 I realized that the letter was a year old. That, aside from a couple of breaks during the previous 12 months, I'd published 52 essays of varying lengths on various subjects.

This collection of the first 52 essays from Weekly Musings is a thank-you letter to my subscribers, past and present. A way of expressing gratitude for subscribing, reading, and supporting this curious little venture in email publishing.

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Weekly Musings: The First 52

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